Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rotary New Zealand response to the Typhoon Haiyan Emergency

Rotary New Zealand has been quick to respond to the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Emergency

250 ERKs have been offered if RNZWCS gets a request from District 3860 either direct or via Australia.

They have been in touch with Aqua Box (Australian equivalent of ERKs) and they like Disaster Aid Australia are also in contact and will respond to a request.
RNZWCS an agreement with Aqua Box that they will back them up and vice versa if we exhaust supplies when cyclones hit our Pacific neighbours.

RNZWCS is running an appeal through the website  (not for ERK’s but for immediate response – see below) and NZ DG’s have been asked to pass down to clubs to support. Funds collected will be directed to the 3860 region. On this occasion it is funds for the general appeal that will be most use and not ERK’s which can be sent from existing stock if they are called on. An email put out by DG 3860 clearly says the need is for cash from Rotarians.

RNZWCS has responded through MFAT for a specific request - The request came on Wednesday for tents and due to a very generous donation from an Auckland Supplier, we had 6 pallet loads of gear (three roomed tents valued at $110,000) on Thursday’s Royal New Zealand Air Force flight in Rotary’s name.

The funds raised from the RNZWCS appeal will be used for First Phase emergency response, distributing food, water, clothing, blankets and medicines. The Second Phase will move to include low budget temporary shelters made of locally sourced materials. Third phase will be to build more permanent housing structures, repair school infrastructure e.g. classrooms, provide school supplies and improve livelihoods.

Click Here  to watch as Rotary District Governor John Rickard and ShelterBox Response Team member Arnold Kelly talk about the Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal on “Canterbury Life” by Canterbury Television

Sunday, 3 November 2013

PM John Key acknowledges Rotarians good work

Whilst visiting the Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell on 24 October, the Prime Minister took time from his busy schedule to meet local Rotary members. Volunteers from Cromwell Rotary, give their time to assist the park during its major events. Rotary members will be  helping with the electronic ticketing at the ‘Highlands 101’ event, on 8-10 November.  Funds raised by Rotary volunteers, end-up supporting local and international good-causes.  A great example of how Highlands Park is integrating into and supporting the local community.


Picture left to right: Rotary members:


Richard Jackson. (PM) shaking hands with; Murray Kennedy (President Cromwell Rotary). Denis McEntyre. Neroli McRae.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Schools support World Polio Day 24 October 2013

Thursday 24 October 2013 was World Polio Day.   The primary aim of World Polio Day is fund raising and awareness, but it’s also an opportunity for young people to learn:

  • History.  The history of medicine and campaigns against disease reflects the history of social change and the emergence of the modern world. 
  • Science.  The science of vaccination is a fascinating subject for all ages – perhaps starting with Edward Jenner in the 1790’s and the first discovery of this most vital of medical principles.
  • Geography.  A discussion about vaccination in terms of geographical, religious and economic differences would help to place in context different cultural approaches to medicine.
The Principals of our Otahuhu Primary Schools were approached to see if they would like to participate in celebrating this day with wearing an article of purple clothing with a coin donation.

The significance of the purple clothing relates to the fact that when children get immunised en masse against Polio their pinky finger is dunked in a purple dye to indicate that they have been vaccinated.

The schools thought it was a great idea and it was decided to celebrate the day on Friday 25 October.

Emphasis was placed on the fact that every dollar donated would be matched by $2 by the Bill Gates Foundation.

The schools Fairburn Road, St Josephs, Otahuhu Primary, Panama Road and Otahuhu Intermediate are all low decile  schools which makes their efforts outstanding.   The total raised by our schools was $1500.00.

"Even though we are a decile 1 school I think it is important that our children know that there are always others worse off and that they can give too." 

Ironically we had cross country on the same day and we could celebrate our running skills and think of those unable to do so."    Colleen Margison, Principal Panama Road School