Getting extra publicity for your projects IS EASY


Articles for this Blog and for the Rotary Down Under magazine must be about Rotary in action and concentrate on the new and unique aspects.

Please submit up to 300 well written words in a Microsoft Word document or in the body text of your email that answer  Who? What? Where? When? and How?  Emphasise the human aspects.  Include a quote if it is relevant.

You may add as additional text of not more than 150 words up to five bullet points about the key aspects that made the project a success that other Rotarians can emulate.  There is no certainty these will be included with the article but will be included on the Blog and the aim here is to provide additional guidance on creating successful projects to Rotarians.

Pictures must be at least 300kb (for or the technically minded - minimum 300 pixels per inch) in high resolution jpg format although pictures in excess of 1mb are preferred (enables cropping). Do not embed the picture(s) in a Word Document. Please attach them separately to your email. If your email server asks to reduce the size of the images for ease of email delivery, say NO. Send in original size.

Pictures with the greatest appeal are those that are close-up and action-oriented.  If necessary pose the shot.  Remember that cheque presentations are only a means to an end ... what about getting a picture of the beneficaries of that money in action with the end result ! ... again, if this is some time away, maybe a posed picture representative of the outcome would do?

The best pictures still come from a 'real' camera but if you do not have this, use your cell phone camera ... but make sure it is set to higest settings and take that extra moment to focus the picture correctly as blurry shots will never be used.

Note that articles sent to the local community newspaper will usually meet the above requirements so all you need to do to submit also to the blog (and for Rotary Down Under magazine) is to add to the email copy CC: line. Likewise also copy any articles being sent to your district newsletter.


See the above plus,

any sized picture and text contribution is acceptable for the blog but must be about Rotary.

YouTube or similar links can be included.

Note that in most cases an email is sent to the submitter informing them that the Post has been made and all Posts can be modified or removed at the request of the submitter.

Note that it is the submitters responsibility to ensure that the content of text or pictures is suitable for publication.