Club Websites and Social Media for Rotary

WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA – the essential club resource for Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific

The New Zealand and Pacific Islands website is

This is a primary administration, communication and resource tool for all Rotarians, clubs, districts  and district committees developed by Rotarians for Rotarians.  The website is owned by the six New Zealand-based districts and is secure and free for Rotarians, clubs, district and district committees to use – every Rotarian member of a club has the right to and should have member-only access. The website is suitable for use with PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

Although this site should provide most clubs with all they need from a website, clubs have the autonomy to choose to also have a website outside .  The main reason is usually that other (paid) websites have some features that some clubs feel provide a better public interface between the club and the community.  However it is strongly encouraged that clubs at least use the member database available to them with the and use links from their website their and the external site to ensure they raim part of the wider Rotary New Zealand Pacific communication system.

Every district, club and district committee in Zone 7b has a webpage with full access to the functionality of the site and many expand their on-line presence by using Social Media.  Whether you just use Rotary South Pacific  or you also have another website, below is a suggested minimum standard set of up-to-date information to be maintained each Rotary year for all districts, district committees and clubs on the New Zealand and Pacific Islands website at - most clubs are already doing this anyway because it works.

Most of this information is that normally contained in a District Directory and is information (whether text, graphics, images or video) including membership databases intended to inform and facilitate communication between Rotarians and with the community (public).  In other words ... Making Rotary Easy

 The following is a list of the features of the site your club should be doing / using at a minimum:

·         Have at least one club webmaster who should hold the position for at least 3 years

·         All club members listed with full details (data lists of members can easily be 'Imported') 

·         Educate members in basic use of the site

·         All club officers and major position holders listed on the club home page

·         Use the club bulletin feature (which will also ensure email addresses are kept correct for club email messages)

·         Use the club mass email system for security and reliability

·         Use on-line Apologies (and Make-up) register – making all members to use this helps make them familiar with this essential club resource

·         Club committees listed with members added (this point is not essential be quite desirable)

·         Every club webpage (main, committee, project and event pages) maintained up-to-date because all New Zealand Rotary advertising and promotions refer viewers to and first impressions of your club et. al. do COUNT !

·         Ensure the visibility of all pages is appropriate for the intended audience and that your club is easily contactable by the public.

Most of the above also applies to district committees.

There is much more such as unlimited committee, project / event pages, each of which can have its own sub-domain name or on-line registrations and even payments for club and district events.  What about the document archive feature – never lose files again and make them available to members who need them!  Ask how.

The website is fully html editable so it can do anything any website can do – if there are features you want access to and cannot find they are probably there so ask for help, and if by chance what you seek is not there, a request can be made for an improvement to the site.

If you use a website external to and / or use social media (e.g. blogs and Facebook) use links between these various media to prevent duplications.  It is strongly recommended that clubs use their club site within for all membership and Rotary communication activity because of its security, flexibility and the access it provides members to member-only resources across all six New Zealand-based districts. 

Plenty of assistance is available:

Guides on how to use the website are available via and include:

·         Website Manual

·         “How to” guides for the following topics (and more):

o    New users

o    Overview of the recommended essentials of website use for clubs

o    Preparing your club for the next Rotary year

o    Club committees

o    District committees

o    Using social media for Rotary

A site webmaster can be contacted via for the following and more:

·         Email or phone assistance at any time (better a 5 minute phone call than struggling on your own for 5 hours)

·         Club training, including as a guest speaker to show your club members how to use the site

·         Guidance for using social media

·         Your suggestions for improving the website

Other useful websites: