Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ambulance Update

Most clubs throughout New Zealand contributed to an ambulance for Taveuni Island (see earlier Posting).  This was due to have been delivered to Taveuni Island by now and an ambulance officer currently on the island providing training has just completed this course ... but without the ambulance.  This training was however an outstanding success with 24 staff from the hospital, Police, Fire and Prison attending.  This success has seen a request for paramedic training to be held in Taveuni, Savusavu and Labasa in early 2012.  The delivery of the ambulance from Suva (in transit) was due to very high seas and high winds and the decision not to risk the ambulance proved to be prudent as other vehicles on the sailing were damaged.  Delivery is expected on the next ship to Taveuni Island.

Submitted by: Geoff Amos, Rotary Club of Taveuni Island, District 9920