Friday, 9 August 2013

Waiuku Rotary & Waiuku College Hockey team working together for an outstanding outcome

The Waiuku College Hockey team applied to Waiuku Rotary for financial assistance to enable the team to attend the National Hockey Tournament held earlier this year.  A grant was made by the Waiuku Rotary Charitable Trust to the team. They in return offered to assist in a community project.

An approach was made to Waiuku Rotary from the Glenbrook Vintage Railway for the beautification of the bank at the Victoria Street Station behind the Cossie Club.

This was seen as a good opportunity to involve the Waiuku College Hockey team in a community project.

An approach was made to the Waiuku Mud Larks for the provision of chip mulch for spreading on the bank before planting.  The Mud Larks where most happy to provide the chip.

The shrubs for planting have been raised by Fiona McDonald’s nursery and Fiona has supervised the planting of the shrubs.

A most satisfactory outcome for the Waiuku College, Waiuku Mud Larks, Fiona McDonald, Waiuku Rotary, Glenbrook Vintage Railway working together to assist in the beautification of another spot in the community. No doubt as the shrubs grow and flower visitors to the town well admire them.