Monday, 23 March 2015

Use it or lose it

I’ve been in Rotary for a good many years and over this time have heard most of the grizzles associated with compulsory subscription to Rotary Down Under.  [Subscribing to a Rotary magazine is compulsory]

Can I implore you to stop moaning right now and have a good long look at what is being published in the new look RDU. Our NZ editor Beryl Robinson from District 9920 has been totally successful in bending the ear of the executive editor in Parramatta, with the net result that practically every project story being presented the way Beryl has asked them to be presented are finding their way to the publication. A significant number of these stories (12 in the three editions leading up to Christmas) were from clubs in District 9930. Beryl has put a lot of work into ensuring this happened and I’d like to think that discussions members of our own Public Image committee had with members of RDU when in Sydney at Convention have helped Beryl and culminated in a great result for us all. The magazine, particularly the editor, addresses some good contentious issues and it has become a good read. The thing is that while this is happening now, it’s because a number of clubs around the country are all fired up and making it happen.

We can’t allow this impetus to fade. Without your assistance in ensuring your projects are at least available to the magazine, we’ll lose the privileges and it’ll revert to the Australian format we all remember. Use it or lose it!

Jock McIntyre

District 9930 Public Image Chair

Included in April
Rotary Down Under