Sunday, 20 March 2016


When Sue Mees, President of Rotary Browns Bay, visited her family in Guernsey for Christmas, her suitcase and that of her husband Paul (also a member of Rotary Browns Bay), did not contain the usual winter holiday gear.  That’s because Sue had 140 tiny jumpers, many with matching beanies,  to deliver to her friend Dr Susan Wilson of the Tumaini Fund, which provides support to the Kagera district in Nigeria.  

Fortunately, all of Sue and Paul’s winter clothes had been left behind in Guernsey after their last trip.  This was when Sue first met Dr Susan, who told her of the Fish and Chip babies in Africa.  These are the ‘AIDS babies’ who are sent home after birth, wrapped in newspaper.  Women in Guernsey have been knitting baby jumpers for some time, and Sue brought the pattern back to New Zealand with her.  

This project has captured the hearts of the Rotary community and local women from Probus, the 60s Up group, Rotarians and their family members are knitting with enthusiasm.  There are already another 150 jumpers ready to go.  Dr Wilson packs up crates and sends them to Nigeria in containers.  Her charity assists the whole community by providing clean drinking water, medical care and essential supplies.  She visits the country frequently to work amongst the people.

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