Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Manurewa-Takanini Rotary Club recently held their annual Pride of Workmanship Awards.

This year there were 11 recipients including 2 security guards, 2 teachers, 2 supermarket supervisors, a personal assistant, a secretary receptionist, a beverages and catering manager, an artist and a team leader.  Their employers ranged from a primary school, beautification trust, real estate agency, supermarket, shopping centre, Local Board and a golf club.

Nominations came as a result of personal contact with employers known to members, a mail-out to local businesses with a personal follow up and from approaching a school principal who presented a speech to the club earlier in the year.

We all know that every business has staff members who are always excelling at their jobs or going outside the square to ensure that the duties they have been allocated are finished both accurately and on time. These same employees may also be choosing to help other employees with their tasks.  Many businesses value these employees, but due to financial restraints or company policies, are unable to reward them for their extra efforts.

The idea behind our Pride of Workmanship Awards is to help them recognise these employees and each year we select a small group of local companies to participate in these awards.   The employers nominate their staff member with a short resume of what they do and why they are nominating them.  They are all automatically accepted by the club and certificates are printed and framed.  It is not a competition.

The presentation event itself is attended by the employer and nominated employee plus any other employees the business wishes to bring or even family members.  We have our normal meal, we pay for the employee and the employer pays for themselves and any other people they bring along.
We have a short speech on what we do in Rotary, a keynote speaker on a related topic and then the presentation of certificates with the employer telling us why they have nominated the person.

It’s a great night where we all recognise excellence and the recipients go home feeling very appreciated.  We recommend it to all clubs.