Tuesday, 13 October 2015

ProMedical Survivor Games

Zorbing was amazing, so let’s do it again!
The Rotary Club of Port Vila likes to support is ProMedical, Vanuatu’s Emergency Services Association, because of the good work that they do. Vanuatu is fortunate in having such a well-trained pre-hospital emergency service which provides 24-hour international standard intensive care paramedic ambulance services on the islands of Efate and Santo who can respond to emergencies on other islands as the need arises. Core values of the ambulance service include adhering to international standards for equipment and patient care, the professionalism of staff, responding to all calls for assistance on a 24-hour basis, and accessibility for all.

Port Vila Rotary is proud to have ProMedical’s Operations Manager Michael Benjamin as an active member. Michael’s knowledge and experience enables the Rotary club to apply its resources effectively where most needed.

After making a late decision to enter a Rotary team into the ProMedical Survivor Games competition at Benjor Beach Club Resort, the club was flooded with applicants who were keen to represent the club. The applicants are all top quality, so it was difficult for the selectors to decide on a team.  The selection trials and fitness tests did not make their job any easier. The Rotary club put together a team to shake the confidence of the winners of the last two contests, the Irafira Warriors. Although the competition Sheriff, Judge and Jury are all Port Vila Rotarians or friends of Rotary, the club felt confident of winning on its own merits.  If there was a prize for the best cheer squad and support staff, Rotary could win that too.

On September 20 , after a heart felt opening ceremony culminating with President Baldwin Lonsdale launching the Survivor Games, 18 teams tried their best to beat each other. Port Vila Rotary competed credibly in this competition for the first time, but their lack of experience was a telling factor. However, when it came to having fun and enjoyment, no team did better. ProMedical are congratulated on such a concept initiative , where all day, hundreds of people were subjected to laughter and screams of excitement.

They’re not budging! 
The Rotary Wheels team started slowly, but pitched against experienced campaigners in the Zorbing heats, they did not qualify for the race off. The tug of war would have been a good event for the Rotary Wheels, but once again, inexperience let them down and they were caught off guard. Determined to make amends, they came good on the zip line, showing great courage and athleticism.  Then in the heats of the Dress the Dummy relay, a true test of skill and speed, they streeted the opposition. However, due to misbehaviour by some renegades, the final became a battle zone which was won by the Judo Team who were more experienced in that sort of contest. The ominous warning of the Rotary Wheels was, “We’ll be back!”